Sera-Brynn Awarded Top 10 Spot in Global Rankings as the Pure-Compliance Cybersecurity Resource

U.S.-based cyber risk management company, Sera-Brynn, ranked in Top 10 "hottest and most innovative companies in the cybersecurity industry."

Sera-Brynn, LLC has returned to a top spot in the 2017 “Cybersecurity 500”, the popular list compiled and published by Cybersecurity Ventures, the California-based cybersecurity research and market intelligence company. The independent company ranks “the world’s hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies.” See

In the global rankings (released February 28, 2017), Sera-Brynn is #10.   Eight of the top ten cybersecurity companies in the world are U.S.-based; the other two are from Canada and the United Kingdom.  Sera-Brynn has consistently ranked #1 in its home state of Virginia.

As the list indicates, the high ranking is based on the strength of Sera-Brynn’s cyber risk management services. 

Cyber risk management is an approach to cybersecurity that views cyber risk as more than a technology issue which can be isolated.  Rather, cyber risk management is a practice that helps organizations reduce cyber liabilities by managing and protecting data, adhering to compliance requirements, and insuring against threats.

Rob Hegedus, CEO of Sera-Brynn, stated, “We focus every day on pushing beyond what is expected of us.  We combine the full power of our cybersecurity talent with our professional advisory services to ensure that our client partners are managing risk in the smartest way possible. This approach has resonated across the globe.”

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About Sera-Brynn

Sera-Brynn is a leading cybersecurity audit and advisory firm. The Virginia-based company offers threat management, compliance and risk assessment (including DFARS), risk control, and incident response services that enable clients to secure their computing environments and meet cybersecurity regulatory requirements.  Founded in 2011 by former members of the U.S. intelligence community, Sera-Brynn is ranked #10 worldwide on the Cybersecurity 500 list.

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